Dr. Amel Karboul


Personal Experience, 15.04.16

More confidence in your own intuition

„A traveler through the world, and especially between the worlds“ – Amel Karboul, the author of the book coffin corner conducted an interesting discussion on the „blue sofa“ by ZDF with the literature expert Susanne Biederkopf during the book fair in Leipzig in March 2016. Having learned to ...more

Personal Experience, 05.10.15

My new book “Coffin Corner”

How do you react in the face of unexpected company bankruptcies, market trends that emerge out of nowhere, and increasing competition in the global market? Do you dig your own grave by increasing the amount of control, planning and optimization? Via my newly published book I would like to ...more

Personal Experience, 01.01.14

Ten Days with Steve Jobs

I look around. Where am I? Just white walls, and foreign faces belonging to peoplewearing white coats. I’m scared, and fascinated. I dare to ask: “Where am I?” A friendly voice answers in French: “You are in Lausanne hospital. You had a skiing accident.” Accident? I look around again, searching ...more

Change Leadership, 03.12.12

Moments of connection and happiness

There are moments in live when we have to pause for a while. Moments of connection and happiness that we should not take for granted and move on to the next task. I am extremely proud, happy and humble to have received today the 2012 Best Coaching Colloquium Case AWARD in ...more

Personal Experience, 18.11.12

Fighting Dragons

I did not write in my blog for many months. These months has been an intense journey. A journey facing my fears and those of people I work with. During my sabbatical in South Africa, the topic of death started to stick to me like a disease.  Death, fears and the feelings of helplessness ...more

Personal Experience, 14.01.12

Sabbatical in South Africa

Last year, I packed up my two daughters, along with a few items of clothing and two Barbie’s and moved to Cape Town for some months. My husband was there already three weeks before we arrived. After 15 years of hard work and 2 difficult childbed experiences, I longed to have a creative break ...more

Personal Experience, 19.06.08

Jet-Lag adé!

Ich fange an mit einem wunderbaren Tipp meines Sitznachbars auf der Strecke Europa – USA; ein Londoner Investment-Manager: Nein es geht nicht um die letzten Börsen News sondern darum, wie man es schafft relativ unbeschadet den USA Jet-Lag zu verkraften. Gehörst Du zu denjenigen, die immer die ...more