Dr. Amel Karboul


Global Society, 26.07.17

Do teachers matter in a world of digitalization?

During the January meeting of the Education Commission in London, I participated in an intriguing debate about new technology and social media. In common with everyone else at the meeting, I am a true believer in the transformative power of technology, the Internet and social media. As a ...more

Global Society, 06.12.16

When It Comes to Global Education, the World Needs More Pioneer Countries

Article in BRIGHT, November 16, 2016; Photograph by Arne Hoel/World Bank.French class at the Sogman primary school in Sejnane, ...more

Global Society, 11.11.16

US election

After Brexit, something many thought impossible once again happened. Donald Trump has become President of the Unites States of America. As a former government minister, I can only say that we all have to respect the free and democratic choice of US citizens. As an Arab-Moslem woman, I cannot ...more

Global Society, 28.09.16

Smart Education Investments Can Solve the Global Learning Crisis

Article in BRIGHT, September 27, 2016; Photograph by Newsha Tavakolian/Magnum. Across the world, more than 260 million children are currently not ...more

Global Society, 14.09.16

Africa: From a Lost Generation to a Learning Generation

Article in allAfrica/Opinion, September 05, 2016; Picture: K.W. Barrett. Tunis — By 2030, it is estimated ...more

Global Society, 27.06.16

Public Education: The pathway to my success as a businesswoman

Article in GLOBAL BUSINESS COALITION FOR EDUCATION, June 19, 2016; Picture Djerba/Tunisia. Growing up in Tunisia, education meant the difference between having a future and falling into the cycle of poverty, ...more

Global Society, 03.02.16

I See Myself in Each of Them

Article in HUFFPOST EDUCATION, February 02, 2016; Picture: Adam Brown/Crown Copyright Sadly there is no shortage of tragic stories from Syrian refugees who are still suffering ...more

Global Society, 13.10.15

“This Nobel price is for the tunisian people”

Interview on BBC about my reaction to the Nobel Peace Prize: The awarding of the prize to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet surprised many. The Norwegian Nobel Committee said the group had established an alternative, peaceful political process when the country was on the brink ...more

Change Leadership, 01.01.13

Coaching in einer komplexen Welt – Beziehungen als Fokus

Coaching hat bereits eine rasante Entwicklung hinter sich. Vor 20 Jahren galt es noch als Schwäche, wenn eine Führungskraft einen Coach um Rat fragte. Heute ist so manche Führungskraft eher verwundert, wenn man keinen Coach hat. Und der Bedarf scheint weiter zuzunehmen. Eine Führungskraft ...more