Dr. Amel Karboul


Change Leadership, 05.10.09

Was zum Teufel ist systemisch? Teil 2

Große Probleme brauchen nicht immer große Lösungen

In einem südafrikanischen Werk gab es immer wieder fehlende oder fehlerhafte Teile. Diese stellten ein großes, logistisches Problem dar, welches zweistellige Millionenbeträge kostete. Es wurde ein Projektteam zur Lösung des Problems ...more

Change Leadership, 30.09.09

Was zum Teufel ist systemisch? Teil 1

Was definieren wir als Problem? Oder schauen wir doch auf unsere Ressourcen!

Ein MANAGER fragt: ich höre überall SYSTEMISCH; Denkt systemisch! Systemisches Handeln für Führungskräfte! Wir sind systemische Berater! – Was zum ...more

Change Leadership, 28.08.09

Wie schaffe ich hervorragende Leistungen mit „normalen“ Menschen?

Stefan A. ist gerade Abteilungsleiter des Controlling Bereiches eines Konsumgüterunternehmens geworden. Er kam aus dem Corporate Development Bereich und hatte bisher fast nur mit „Hochleistern“ zu tun. Mitarbeiter, die selbstständig, proaktiv, kreativ und mit hoher Qualität ihre Aufgaben ...more

Change Leadership, 07.07.09

Tricky Coaching: Dealing with difficult Cases in Leadership Coaching

Here you can find a case study of a difficult coaching situation and I how I dealt with it. General situation My coachee “Dr. Martin” (pseudonym) was head of R&D in a software company. As many of his fellow leaders in this company, ...more

Change Leadership, 26.03.09

Leading in Turbulent Times: 7 Key Competencies!

What does good Leadership really mean in the current crisis? Obviously you have to get costs under control, but leadership in turbulent times is much more than that if you want to secure the future. “Face it and communicate” – Being realistic ...more

Change Leadership, 23.10.08

How to make decisions in such a chaotic situation?

Today’s finance and somehow also world crisis is challenging for many leaders. The tools they have learned, the experiences they have made are no longer helpful. Reading the newspaper every morning, you find tons of reports about top manager who are paralysed with fear, even panicking, mainly ...more

Change Leadership, 20.09.08

Should I fire my CFO?

Martin (CEO) called on the phone Friday 5pm: Martin: “I need to talk to you, I want to make a decision if I want to continue working with my CFO or not! You know him, what do you think?” Amel: “If you ask me if you should fire him or not, I am not going to give you an answer. However lets talk ...more

Change Leadership, 10.07.08

Ishikawa San Leadership Insight

4 pm during leadership training for middle managers in the Alps. The new Japanese senior leader Ishikawa San is invited to get into an open dialogue with these young and high potential managers. Ishikawa San was well known of being not only successful business wise but for having developed many ...more

Change Leadership, 22.06.08

CEO Transition Coaching

Situation: Daniel K. is new CEO of a mid size company in the US. The former CEO has been there for over 20 years and has run the business very successfully. The US Business is 100% owned by an Austrian company and is part of a global network. Daniel has been chosen for mainly ...more

Personal Experience, 19.06.08

Jet-Lag adé!

Ich fange an mit einem wunderbaren Tipp meines Sitznachbars auf der Strecke Europa – USA; ein Londoner Investment-Manager: Nein es geht nicht um die letzten Börsen News sondern darum, wie man es schafft relativ unbeschadet den USA Jet-Lag zu verkraften. Gehörst Du zu denjenigen, die immer die ...more