Dr. Amel Karboul

Politics & Development

“We are living more and more in a G0 world, where national and individual fortresses are being built. Instead of narrowing their focus, leaders should cooperate across boundaries to deliver better outcomes for citizens.”

In many spheres, politics and economics are very similar to each other. Both should be concerned with protecting and supporting those who rely on us – especially those who may be particularly vulnerable or whose needs are becoming increasingly acute. Pressing ahead with developments in these realms requires clear sight and vision, plus precise, wise, and, at the same time, agile implementation of new capacities, reforms and projects.

Successful development processes and change processes have at their core four central factors: sustainability, systemic change, holistic and humane cooperation as well as innovation and entrepreneurial drive. Providing support bridging the worlds of the public sector, business and civil society fascinates me. Within the bounds of this process, it is equally valid to take into account the potential for economic growth, sustainable development in society, technical opportunities and changes, the corresponding political contexts and, not least, the human factor – all to the same degree. This is at the same time both demanding and exciting.

I was appointed Minister of Tourism within the technocrat government that came to power following the outbreak of the 2014 Arab spring. I was the first woman in history to occupy Tunisia’s Minister of Tourism position and co-lead the country’s transformation. Not a trivial task, as tourism is one of the most important economic sectors in Tunisia. My vision was to rebuild the bridges that have been torn down, to cast a new light on the image that Tunisia has in the world, and to contribute towards increasing education and creating more jobs within that country. During office, I was able to implement many of these goals in a pragmatic fashion, or at least get them onto a good footing.

Today as a board member and CEO of the Education Outcomes Fund, I am more than ever passionate about nurturing a new generation of responsible leaders and building bridges between the private, public sector and civil society to solve today’s global challenges.